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Not Just Cute, the Podcast: Intentional Whole Child Development for Parents and Teachers of Young Children

Mar 14, 2018

In today’s episode, I’m sharing the fifth and final installment in a series of conversations with Emily Plank, author of Discovering The Culture of Childhood. Instead of one broad overview, we’ve been diving in deep over the course of several months. You can get caught up with previous episodes by going to the podcast homepage at or searching on iTunes or Stitcher. If you HAVE been following along, you’ll notice there’s been quite a gap since our last conversation. Along with the general struggle of scheduling two busy people in two different countries, Emily’s been having some pretty amazing adventures lately, that she’ll tell us all about at the beginning of our chat. In this episode, we discussed the conclusion of her book, and what she hopes the overarching takeaways from the book are. She also has a generous offer for those of you who may be using her book as a group book study. As always, Emily invites us to put on a new pair of spectacles and see childhood in a unique way, and what she helps us discover on our journey is truly fascinating. Find shownotes at