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Not Just Cute, the Podcast: Intentional Whole Child Development for Parents and Teachers of Young Children

Nov 13, 2019

Cooking can be a powerful activity for young children. From literacy skills, math skills, fine motor skills, and sensory and science experiences, along with the confidence that comes from taking risks, learning from failures, and sharing time and food with others, time in the kitchen with kids is time well spent.


Oct 8, 2019

Why are there so many reports of children frequently falling out of their seats?  Why is behavior becoming more and more of a challenge in the classroom?  And why are delayed fine motor skills becoming more and more prevalent?  One common thread, as my guest Rae Pica will explain, is movement. 

In Rae’s new book,...

Sep 17, 2019

Back at the beginning of 2019 a study made a bit of a splash as headlines claimed that it demonstrated that the increased academic expectations in the early years don’t compromise social and emotional development as some fear.

I felt like there may be a bit of stretch from the data to the headlines, so I decided to...

Aug 23, 2019

Today I’m talking about how to get parents on board with play in your classrooms, right from the start. Just like the children, each parent in your classroom comes with a different set of life experiences and perspectives.  For some, the concept that their child’s best learning will be through play is a...

Jul 23, 2019

Today I’m talking with the Artful Parent, Jean VanHult. She is what she calls an “art enabler”, a term that I love! She’s also the author of the book, The Artful Parent.

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