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Not Just Cute, the Podcast: Intentional Whole Child Development for Parents and Teachers of Young Children

Aug 23, 2019

Today I’m talking about how to get parents on board with play in your classrooms, right from the start. Just like the children, each parent in your classroom comes with a different set of life experiences and perspectives.  For some, the concept that their child’s best learning will be through play is a new revelation.  Some may be expecting more of a sit down and do worksheets environment.  Others may be supportive of play, but still not exactly sure why it’s best for their children. 

One of the items I recently shared at a conference was the idea of having a Parent Night or a Parent Playdate to get everyone on the same page.  I’ve had some follow up questions since then, so today, I’m going to walk you through some ideas for structuring that event to make it more successful.

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